Sushi, Freshly Rolled

A combo pack of Tuna & Salmon Sashimi for lunch, with seaweed salad on the side. A Spicy Tempura Roll filled with spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber, deep fried and seasoned with spicy mayo & scallions for a light dinner. California rolls, vegetable rolls and all sorts of creative combinations.

At our in-store sushi bars, your sushi is rolled and hand cut by Kyo Sushi’s expert chefs.

Kyo was rolling fresh sushi in Weston before Brothers Marketplace opened and we kept this popular vendor on board at our customers’ request. Since then, they’ve expanded to offer sushi at our store in Medfield and at Roche Bros. in Downtown Crossing.

Tim Huang, the owner of this family-run business, goes to the Boston Fish Pier every week to purchase the seafood that goes into our sushi, buying top-of-the-catch fish, such as Faroe Island Salmon and Day Boat Tuna. Then we add rice cooked with just the right amount of vinegar, ripe avocado, nori, fresh vegetables and more.

Along with our full menu of sashimi and maki, sample our unique creations, such as “gunkan” – shaped like
a boat with spicy tuna and rice wrapped in soy paper – and triangle-shaped nigiri, where sushi meets British tea sandwiches. Or order a custom platter for a party or business meeting.

Also try our other Japanese-inspired offerings:

  • Start off with miso soup or seaweed salad.
  • Finish with sweet mochi for dessert.
  • Grab a yusō, a fresh & health Japanese riceball snack filled with savory filling, for eating on-the-go.