Sushi, Freshly Rolled

A California roll for lunch, with seaweed salad on the side. A Crunchy Tuna Roll paired with a Salmon Avocado roll a light dinner. Sashimi, nigiri and vegetable rolls in all sorts of creative combinations.

The sushi offerings in our Waltham store are rolled and hand cut by Mai Sushi’s expert chefs and delivered fresh daily.

Mai uses only 100% all-natural ingredients, free from artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

The sushi starts with sustainable, responsibly sourced seafood, including wild-caught yellowfin and albacore tuna and responsibly farmed Norwegian and Scottish salmon. The fish is traceable, and Mai is fully transparent about the ingredients and sourcing.

Then we add rice cooked with just the right amount of vinegar, ripe avocado, nori, fresh vegetables and more.

Along with our full menu of sashimi and maki, sample our unique creations, such as a green dragon crunch roll, with avocado, garlic mayo, sweet sauce and fried shallots on top of an inside-out roll filled with avocado, cucumber, lettuce and carrots. Or order a custom platter for your next party or business meeting!