Summer Sipping

Quench your thirst this summer with cool, refreshing beverages.

Wake up in the morning – or refocus in the afternoon – with a jolt of cold brew. At BBQs and other summer events, celebrate with effervescent drinks, such as sparkling juices and water. Enjoy cool, still waters with all natural flavors, from maple to lemon. And personalize them with fresh herb sprigs or ice cubes frozen with berries inside.

For your iced coffee fix, drink local with cold brew from Mojo, born in New Orleans and blended in New England. Mojo steeps responsibly sourced 100% Arabica coffee in cold water overnight to create their powerful coffee concentrate, hand-blended with all-natural ingredients. Select from Original, Unsweetened and Black Magic.

Sip the premium, pure cold brew nitro coffee and nitro green tea from Cold Brew Company. An organic blend laced with earth tones and hints of chocolate, this single estate, Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee is direct from a coffee plantation in Colombia. The organic green tea is blended with tropical flavors.

A Brothers Marketplace-exclusive, Lemoncocco is a new premium, non-carbonated drink with a light and refreshing blend of lemon and coconut flavors. Made with the fresh juice of bright, beautiful Sicilian lemons and a splash of coconut cream, the drink is inspired by the lemon and coconut stands found along the cobblestoned streets of Rome.

Hydrate on a hot day or before a workout with drinks created by two triathletes, Kate Weiler and Jeff Rose, brought together by their passion for whole foods, nutrition and endurance sports. DRINKmaple is pure, organic maple sap tapped directly from Vermont maple trees, naturally full of electrolytes, polyphenols, minerals, and antioxidants. A true taste of summer, DRINKmelon Organic Watermelon Water is nothing but the juice of watermelons, filtered for a smooth natural taste. Full of magnesium and more potassium than two medium bananas, this pink drink has less sugar than most juices and sports drinks, and is extremely high in citrulline, an amino acid shown to improve blood circulation and help with cardiovascular endurance and muscle soreness.

If fizz is your thing, cool down in the summer heat with Spindrift sparkling water made with triple-filtered water and real, squeezed fruit picked from family farms. Try this light, bright and slightly pulpy sparkling water in flavors that include strawberry, grapefruit and lemon. Also find Alta Palla sparkling water and juices in black cherry, grapefruit and lemonade, made with natural fruit flavors.