Shopping for School Lunch: bring the kids!

Turn the fall routine of packing school lunch into a fun family experience! Bring the kids to Brothers Marketplace so they can choose what they want in their lunchbox. If they pick it out, they’ll be more likely to eat it, too.

Start with a visit to our deli for meat to put in their sandwiches. Our all-natural Brothers Marketplace turkey breast and roast beef are gently seasoned and slow-roasted in the store for mouthwatering flavor.

We’re also slicing natural, antibiotic-free ham and turkey from McKenzie Country Classics, cured with maple wood smoke and pure Vermont maple syrup. We would be happy to give the kids (and you!) a taste so they can decide what filling they like most.

Layer in local, sliced cheeses, such as Cabot American cheese or McKenzie Provolone, also available in the deli. And speaking of cheese, pay a visit to our Cheese Shop for some unexpected spreads and new flavors to tempt their evolving palates, such as sweet fig spread on a turkey sandwich, quince paste with ham or creamy herb goat cheese on roast beef. Let the kids ask for tastes of cheeses that might be unfamiliar.

Don’t forget the bread! Find local artisan options from Iggy’s in Cambridge, including white, whole wheat, and focaccia, as well as traditional sandwich breads from When Pigs Fly, Vermont Bread Company, Pepperidge Farm and more, in our grocery section.

Or skip the sandwich entirely and pick out some soup or an entrée from our chef case to bring to school, hot in a thermos. Add some fruit — and maybe even a sweet treat or muffin from the bakery — and lunch is done!

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