Seasonal dishes from Brothers

Skip the kitchen for a bit – now that it’s finally clean again after all that cooking – with light, seasonal meals from Brothers Marketplace.

Your neighborhood market makes it easy to dash in and grab something for lunch or dinner, or linger for a while and enjoy whatever you’re craving.

Select from bright, fresh salads made with local greens and all-natural, local dressings, such as our new Beet & Citrus Salad. Local greens from LEF Farms in Loudon, NH, serve as the base of this sweet, crunchy salad. Using cutting-edge hydroponic farms, Lef grows pesticide-free, non-GMO greens and delivers them to our stores within 24 hours of harvest, yielding a more flavorful salad. LEF’s harvesting process is entirely automated, meaning the very first human hands that ever touch your greens are your own. Because hydroponics is a closed growing process, there is no chance of external contamination from wildlife, people, the ground, rain or the elements. We dress up the greens with earthy roasted beets, sweet tangerine segments, creamy, crumbled goat cheese and crunchy candied pecans. On top, we drizzle Cindy’s Kitchen’s tangy Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette, locally made in Brockton.

If you’re looking for one more turkey fix, choose our Harvest Turkey Wrap. We roll up antibiotic-free turkey with dried cranberries, crumbled blue cheese and local lettuce from LEF Farms. And then we dress it with Cindy’s Strained Greek Yogurt Dressing, for a creamy touch, with cucumber, garlic and honey.

Warm up with our own, fresh soups, such as our French Onion Soup. Made with a light, nourishing bone broth, lots of onions, thyme and white wine. If you want cheese or croutons, you can add your own! It’s a simple soup to savor on its own, pair with a salad or sandwich, or serve up at home as an appetizer for dinner this weekend.

Visit us to try these and other seasonal meals, prepared how you would make them, if you had the time.