Pop into 2019

Step into 2019 with New Year’s appetizers that pop … pop in your mouth, that is!

Keep your celebration “bite-sized” so your guests have a chance to try a little of everything. It will make it easy for you to have a little taste of something while you’re getting ready, too.

Here are our top mini options for your spread:

  • Creative topping combos on a cracker. Top our new Brothers Marketplace crackers with whatever you can think of. They’re handcrafted locally in small batches and they’re non-GMO verified, certified vegan, and kosher pareve. Try the light, crispy Olive Oil & Sea Salt variety with brie and fig jam, the Stoned Wheat Originals with caviar from Russe, smoked salmon from Ducktrap in Maine and crème fraiche from Vermont Creamery, and the Stoned Wheat Bite Size with bacon and avocado.
  • Mini “toast” change ups. Serve guacamole on small, toasted sweet potato rounds or your favorite nut butter on thin slices of apples or pears.
  • Fresh takes on meatballs. Stuff meatballs with gorgonzola cheese, and pair them with marinara for dipping. Make chicken meatballs and serve with teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds and scallions. Match up turkey meatballs with apricot preserves.
  • Lamb 2 ways. Pan sear lamb rib chops from Shepard’s Pride in olive oil and herbs. Roast small bites of boneless lamb leg in the oven with oil and fresh rosemary and pair them with yogurt sauce.
  • Shrimp, many ways. Serve our all-natural shrimp scampi style on a toasted baguette round, with cocktail sauce for dipping, on a cucumber with tzatziki and dill, or battered with coconut, fried and dipped in mango salsa.
  • Little bites with wraps. Fill dates with manchego cheese or an almond and wrap them with bacon, wrap French fries with small pieces of flank steak, or wrap asparagus in prosciutto.
  • Small cheeses you can pop. Marinate ciliegine mozzarella balls in any of the Brothers Marketplace dipping oils, such as Herb de Provence or Moroccan, and serve on toothpicks. Include Hannahbells Tiny Hand-Made Cheeses from Shy Brothers Farm in Westport, MA, on the platter.
  • Crunchy snacks. Round out your spread with bowls of crunch, such as Marcona almonds, caramelized walnuts, and giant corn nuts.
  • Bite-sized sweets. Go mini with chocolate cupcakes with caramels pressed into the middle, brownies in mini muffin pans, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or a platter of mini pastries from Montilios, including eclairs, cream puffs and more.
  • Fun with fondue. Use Reading Raclette from Vermont for a cheese fondue – try dipping steamed broccoli florets, asparagus tips and cubes of sourdough bread! For chocolate fondue, melt down Guittard semi-sweet morsels. Offer berries, cut fruit, cookies, brownies and Dandies Marshmallows for dipping.

In addition to everything you make yourself, keep your celebration hassle-free with all sorts of Brothers catering platters, from our exclusive, new Charcuterie Platter, featuring Waltham’s New England Charcuterie to Super Colossal Shrimp Platters to custom sushi platters. And don’t forget to pop the champagne or other sparkling wine to go with it all!

Happy New Year from all of us at Brothers Marketplace!