Nutty, fruity, peppery…how do you say Olive Oil?

Olives have been pressed to make fragrant oil for centuries. And, like fine wine, many extra virgin olive oils are named for the olives that are crushed to make the oil, giving each one its own, distinctive taste.

Rich in anti-oxidants and healthy fats, olive oil makes everyday cooking healthier, too.
It also plays a starring role in the Hanukah story, when a day’s worth kept the ancient temple’s menorah lit for 8 days.

Commemorate this miracle with potato latkes – pancakes fried in olive oil, available in our kitchen. For a twist, top them with spicy tomato chutney. Or make your own version with sweet potatoes and maple-cinnamon cream.

Give your everyday cooking a boost with olive oil drizzled on top of a salad of winter greens or a creamy squash soup with crispy, fresh sage. Host an olive oil tasting! Compare several types and discover their distinct differences.

Visit us for a wide selection – we would be happy to help you select just the right one for your kitchen. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Piodel Ramo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Made from Arbequina olives from the Catalonia region of Spain, this mild oil has a medium floral, fruity, nutty taste, followed by a slight hint of pepper at the finish. Drizzle it over meats to bring out their flavors, or use in a salad dressing or pesto. For dessert, try it over grilled pears and French vanilla ice cream!

San Remo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
One difference between an Italian EVOO and a Spanish EVOO is its color. Spanish EVOO is golden yellow in color, while Italian varietals tend to be darker green. That’s because Italy is more temperate year-round than Spain, which affects the color of the oil.

This San Remo EVOO, from a coastal city in Northwest Italy, has an herbal aroma with a pleasant, grassy flavor.

California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil
California Olive Ranch works with family farmers throughout Northern California to make 100% California grown, non-GMO verified EVOO. Made with late season Arbequina olives, this oil adds buttery notes to everyday cooking, from seafood to sautéed veggies. Add some fresh herbs and pair it with rustic bread for dipping.

Boyajian Infused Olive Oils
For more than 25 years, John Boyajian has used high-quality ingredients to infuse all-natural olive oils with flavor, including Habanero, Garlic, Chili, Herbs de Provence, and more. These oils, made locally in Canton, Mass., are great for sautéing, for pastas and focaccia, in vinaigrettes and marinades, or adding a touch of flavor to any meal.