New! Bagels and tortillas made with fresh-milled, local flour

There’s a new, local bagel in town – made with locally milled “wheat you can eat” – and we’re excited to offer them now at all Brothers Marketplace locations.

Introducing One Mighty Mill’s bagels and tortillas, made with wheat grown in Linneus, Maine and stone-ground into flour every day in Lynn, Mass. You can also take home the flour to use in baked goods in your own kitchen.

Back in the day, wheat was the original farm-to-table food. Packed with nutrients, stone-ground, local flour was a healthy and delicious staple of the human diet.

Just about every community had a farm and a mill…. and a neighborhood market. And just as Brothers Marketplace is bringing back the local neighborhood market, we’ve partnered with One Mighty Mill to bring back local flour, bagels and tortillas. and baked goods.

One Mighty Mill started with a farm. They searched for farmers who wanted to grow healthy wheat again – without pesticides and with sustainable crop rotations that build strong soil. Those farmers, Matt and Sara Williams, are harvesting hundreds of acres of transitional organic wheat for One Mighty Mill in Linneus, Maine.

And then, they commissioned a mill from Andrew Heyn, the only stone mill builder in the United States, so they could stone-grind their own wheat into the fresh, nutritious, flavorful flour that goes into each of their bagels and tortillas. They set up the mill and their flagship bakery in Lynn, Mass.

Now Brothers Marketplace is the first market where you can find their products!

Select from bagels in Whole Wheat Plain, Everything, and Double Chile & Cheddar, and Whole Wheat Tortillas, as well as bags of their local, stone-ground flour.

One Mighty Mill created their company with the goal of moving people toward locally made healthy flour and baked goods that taste better.

Their flour, bagels and tortillas are filled with true natural fiber and naturally plentiful vitamins and minerals. Read more about their amazing story in this recent Boston Globe article.

Just as we work with partners such as Ward’s Berry Farm and Tangierini’s to bring local produce to our stores, we’re so glad to partner now with One Mighty Mill to bring you pesticide-free, local flour and baked goods. Try some in our bakery today!