Ice Cream Sundaes 

Rich, creamy, luscious. And so much fun for all ages.

There’s nothing quite like an evening outing for an ice cream sundae or cone. Take the kids to the café at Brothers Marketplace for a real treat, and indulge the kid in you, too!

The ice cream served in our cafés starts with fresh, local milk and cream that’s antibiotic and hormone free. That pure milk is churned into ice cream at Byrne Dairy, a 4th generation, family-owned dairy in upstate New York.

Select from usual favorites, such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, something more adventurous, such as coffee, or something nostalgic, like cookie dough. The sprinkles and a cherry are on us.

Enjoy a sundae with one or two scoops of ice cream. Choose your favorite flavor, topped with your choice of toppings, including hot fudge, strawberries, whipped cream, chopped walnuts and a cherry on top.

We’re also blending up frappes, milkshakes, and root beer floats – in Medfield, made with Maine root beer. Spring for a banana split, with three scoops of ice cream, your choice of toppings, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top.

Or bring home some pints and DIY your sundaes.  Try our brand new Brothers Marketplace brand ice cream! We source our hormone-free milk and cream from the Michaud Family farm in East Hardwick, Vermont, a fourth generation family-owned farm. Our ice cream is hand crafted locally in small batches using real wholesome ingredients.  We never use corn syrup, artificial colors, sweeteners, or sugar alcohols – only pure non–GMO cane sugar, full fat milk and cream. Ice cream prepared how you would make it if you had the time. Available in the freezer section in Very Vanilla, Crazy Good Chocolate, Coffee Toffee Crunch, Vanilla Caramel Fudge, Cookie Monstah, and The Kitchen Sink.

Not usually up for dairy?  Beckon Ice Cream, based in Allston, MA is a premium, lactose-free ice cream that is still made from real milk and cream. Instead of using dairy alternatives, they add the lactase enzyme to make lactose free ice cream that is deliciously creamy and can be enjoyed by those that are lactose intolerant. Made locally, Beckon Ice Cream never includes any gums, stabilizers, corn syrup, artificial ingredients or colors.

Or try Barts Ice Cream from Greenfield, MA. With all-natural, locally sourced ingredients, and 16% butterfat with 20% overrun, this ice cream offers more flavor and less air. Choose from fun flavors, such as Local Maple Cream, Deep Purple Cow (black raspberry ice cream with white and dark chocolate) and Three Geeks and a Redhead (coconut ice cream with chocolate chunks, brownies, raspberry swirl).

Make it a waffle cone naturally free of dairy, nuts, eggs and preservatives from The Konery. Made using fresh herbs, spices, natural extracts, and gourmet ingredients. Enjoy classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate or something more indulgent like birthday cake.

Stay local for your toppings, too, with COOP’s MicroCreamery Hot Fudge, made in small batches in South Boston with fine European chocolate and local, all-natural dairy.

Shake up your sundaes with creamy sauces from Harbor Sweets in Salem, in Dark Chocolate, Creamy Caramel or Sea Salt Caramel.

Pick up fresh whipped cream, or make your own, with heavy cream. Add maraschino cherries and fresh berries to complete the spread.