House-Made Cold Brew Coffee

In our café, we start with the dark Cowboy Blend from our coffee supplier in Northborough, Armeno Coffee Roasters.

Since 1994, Armeno Coffee Roasters has handcrafted specialty coffees from its historic New England grist mill. By exclusively roasting mid-crop, 100% Arabica beans from premier coffee growing regions across the globe, owners Chuck Coffman and John Parks make coffee that is second to none.

Their coffee is the star of the lattes, cappuccinos and other espresso drinks in our cafes. You can buy the beans in store by the pound to brew at home, hot or cold.

And now, in our house-made cold-brew, their darkest blend — with Sumatra Mandheling, French, and Italian beans — results in a strong, bold flavor in your refreshing cup.

We grind the beans and steep the coffee in cold, filtered water for 20 hours, to create a cold-brew with a smooth finish that is up to 80% less acidic than hot roasted coffee.

Whether you stop for your first morning cup, an afternoon pick-me-up or anything in between, your cold-brewed cup o’ Joe is bursting with local, fresh-roasted flavor.