Football Feasting for the Whole Team!

Pre-game with fresh, store-made chips and dips. Get through half-time with mouthwatering chicken tenders, quesadillas, bourbon-grilled steak tips and more. And finish your big game feast off with football-themed sweets from our bakery, hand-decorated and ready for the occasion.

Visit Brothers Marketplace to get everything for this weekend’s football feast, prepared how you would make it, if you had the time.

Start off before the game begins with one (or all) of our store made dips, including salsa, spicy buffalo chicken, guacamole, and more. Or pick up avocados and all the fixings to make your own guacamole. Pair the dips with our own hearty made-in-store chips, or thin and crispy local chips from Mi Nina, alongside a tray of cut organic veggies.

Select some fun finger food for appetizers from our Chef Case, such as BBQ or buffalo chicken tenders, sandwiches, and fried ravioli – or pick up a party tray of our quesadillas, with chicken, beef, veggies or pulled pork. And check out our football-themed hot bar, ready with all your favorites for the game.

As the game heats up, so will everyone’s appetite. Stop by our Butcher Shop and find a variety of CAB Natural meats sourced by Niman Ranch. Grill marinated beef tips or humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free beef sliders and serve them up with all the burger fixin’s. Choose from our store-made chicken or pork sausage. Go with a barbecue theme and offer our heat-and-eat bone-in ribs and tender pulled pork, shredded in our kitchen and ready to fill bulky rolls. Plus, our meatballs are ready to pile into a sub roll with marinara and grated Parmesan.

And don’t forget dessert! From our bakery, select from football-themed half-moons and cupcakes for your favorite team. Or savor a sweet victory with our homemade jumbo cookies piled high and football-themed cupcakes and half-moons.

Enjoy the game this Sunday.