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Our friends at Duxbury Saltworks are always thinking of new ways to bring high quality, freshly harvested sea salt to your table. New in our Brothers Marketplace stores, check out their salt boxes. Enter our giveaway to win a boxed salt, their new Autumn Blend Spoon Jar, a gold rimmed oyster shell, and a $25 Brothers Marketplace gift card.

We spent some time chatting with founder Lily Leedom to ask her a few questions about her business.

Tell us about yourself and how Duxbury Saltworks got its start.
A few years ago, I found myself eating a lot of sea salt. It occurred to me that it’s an incredible natural resource — the ocean is at our doorstep here on the east coast,  so I began to tinker with pots of evaporated salt water in my kitchen. Fast forward and two years later, Duxbury Saltworks is a household name. We’re so excited to be transforming the experience of everyday cooking and eating with our hand harvested sea salt for so many people!

Why sea salt? Are there any benefits from using sea salt?
Sea salt provides dozens of essential minerals and trace minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and selenium. Salt helps balance electrolytes, acts as an antimicrobial to help fight off microorganisms within our bodies, and so much more. Plus, it enhances the flavor of food, naturally. Seriously, it makes everything you eat better.

What makes your product different?
When you start thinking about salt, you will quickly realize it’s in almost everything you eat — whether added or naturally occurring.
Many traditional “table salts” contain chemicals and additives, including bleach, anti-caking agents, and more. A good quality, well-textured salt, like Duxbury Saltworks Classic Sea Salt, will enhance the dishes you cook and eat in a natural way.

What is the process of harvesting sea salt like?
The harvesting of sea salt is the actual process of creating the salt flakes — which happens in a high touch process in our facility. We have a team of Salt Harvesters who masterfully manage our salt harvesting process (as opposed to employing a passive process such as collecting salt from a mine, or even from a solar evaporation process which results in salt rocks, not flakes).

Duxbury Saltworks’ proprietary process is a true blend of science & art.  Salt Harvesters manage the time, temperature, and the rate at which we allow the salt flakes to form and dry. This proprietary process is integral to the creation of the pure, delicate fleur-de-sel style sea salt that Duxbury Saltworks is known for.

How can your product be used? Any different and unusual ways?
Our Classic Sea Salt will bring any food to life. It’s also extremely tasty in baked goods, including bread, cookies, etc. Many of our team members also start their mornings with a glass of lemon salt water. It can also be used in smoothies, juices, and so much more!

Try out some of Lily’s delicious recipes below!

Brothers Marketplace Steak or Fish

  1. Using any cut of steak, season your steak with one to two pinches of salt 30 minutes prior to cooking. This enables the natural juices and flavors to rise to the surface of the cut of meat
  2. Cook the meat as you prefer – either grill, roast or pan sear
  3. Right before serving the steak, sprinkle one more pinch of Duxbury Saltworks Classic Sea Salt (or any of the DSW blends!)
  4. ENJOY!

Brothers Marketplace Pre-Cut Veggie Easy Stir-Fry

  1. Using any of the pre-cut veggie medleys, sprinkle 1 pinch of Duxbury Saltworks Classic Sea Salt (or any of the DSW blends!) on to the veggies (and any protein you’re adding) prior to placing in the pan
  2. Prepare the pan with Brothers Marketplace Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  3. Place the veggie mix in the heated pan
  4. Stir Fry on medium high for 5-10 minutes, until done to your preference
  5. Sprinkle DSW Classic or Seasonal Blend Sea Salt on at the very end
  6. Serve as is or over rice or other starch of your choice


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