Brothers Marketplace Item Round-Up

Did you know we have our own exclusive offerings with items that range from baking mixes and spices to charcuterie and cheese? All of our Brothers Marketplace products are prepared how you would make them, if you had the time.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar: Imported straight from Italy, our EVOO is smooth with a fruit flavor and a slight peppery finish. Also imported from Italy, our certified organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is aged 3 years in oak, cherry and walnut barrels.

Dipping Oils: Pure olive oil infused with our blend of fresh herbs and spices for delicious and versatile oils packed with flavor. Produced locally and hand crafted in small batches exclusively for Brothers Marketplace. Try these flavorful infused oils as a dip for your favorite baguette or foccacia, or drizzle over crisp greens, toss with pasta, and as a marinade. Available in Herbs de Provence, Italian Herb, Moroccan, and Garlic Parmesan with more flavors on the way.

Pastas: Made with only two ingredients (100% Durum Wheat Semolina and Water), using a bronze die cut and slowly dried at low temperature to ensure taste, texture and flavor. Available in Rigatoni, Torcetti, Penne, and Fusilli.

Beans and Grains: Packed locally, these new additions to our shelves add plant-based nutrients and new flavors to your home cooking. Available in nearly 20 varieties, our all-natural beans, grains, and rice will become a kitchen staple.

Crackers: Made from traditional stone ground wheat, our Stoned Wheat crackers are a simple crunchy and toasty canvas. For more delicate cheeses or pate, Brothers Olive Oil and Sea Salt crackers are a traditional water cracker, light in texture and crisp in taste – playing the best supporting role for your favorite topping stars! Our crackers are also non-GMO verified, certified Vegan, and Kosher Pareve, handcrafted locally in small batches.

New England Charcuterie: We’re lucky to have a neighbor in Waltham who sources beef and pork from top quality farms and handcrafts unparalleled charcuterie. Naturally, we chose that partner – New England Charcuterie – to make salami, soppressata, pepperoni and more to our high Brothers Marketplace standards. A delicious marriage of traditional recipes, old world culinary skills, and state-of-the-art production.

Cheeses: Our Brothers Marketplace cheeses are handcrafted locally in small batches with no antibiotics or growth hormones. Enjoy our 18 Month Reserve Cheddar or Colby Jack Cheese on a burger or panini, as part of a cheese board, with wine, and grated over chili and nachos.

Spices and Dry Rubs: Blended locally, our rubs and spices are not only wonderful for dry marinating meats, but are also delicious on your grilled vegetables. Add mouthwatering flavor to your home cooking using our 20 new varieties bursting with global inspiration. Bring the tastes of the Middle East, North Africa or Asia to a weeknight dinner. Read more about our dry rubs and spices here.

Everything Bagel Bonanza: The newest addition to our locally blended seasonings, our Everything Bagel Bonanza is the topping you need in your life. Sprinkle on your bagel, english muffin, or toast or get creative and top your burger, salad, and veggies. And, if you’re feeling inspired, bake your own everything bagels from scratch!

Baking Mixes: The right ingredients become irresistible creations, and we’ve carefully selected the best ones for our mixes. Made using top quality flours, sugar, and spices that are free from artificial colors and preservatives, our locally produced baking mixes are made with clean ingredients and are a great way to finish off any celebration. Try one or all of our mixes: Lemon Squares, Banana Bread, Molten Lava Cake, Pecan Maple Shortbread, Chocolate Chunk Brownies, and White Chocolate Coconut Brownies.

Pancake and Waffle Mix: Our Pancake & Waffle mix is produced locally using only top quality milled wheat and malt flours free from artificial colors and preservatives. Just add eggs, milk, and a bit of butter for your griddle and breakfast is served!

Fudge: Made using our own secret recipe, Brothers Marketplace fudge is a delicious and decadent treat you can enjoy any time. Available in classic flavors like chocolate, chocolate walnut, cookies & cream, and peanut butter or mouthwatering seasonal flavors like raspberry lemonade and s’mores.

Chocolate Covered Items: Pretzels, graham crackers, cookies and more covered in milk or dark chocolate for an on-the-go delight.

Coming this Summer, keep an eye out for our own ice cream, apple sauce, pizza and pasta sauces, and honey, all made using great care and quality you have come to expect from our items.

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