Boyden Beef

A new, Brothers Marketplace exclusive, Boyden Beef is raised just the way we would, if our backyard was big enough.

This local Vermont beef is verified non-GMO, and cut in store by our talented butchers who are happy to help you find just the right cut for your meals. Select from a wide array of cuts for dinner any night of the week, from ground beef for your next BBQ to tenderloin for a special evening at home.

All-natural and sustainable, the beef is raised on a high-grass diet, on organic pastures with no growth promoting antibiotics or hormones.

Since the early 1800’s, the farm, located on a rich flood plain of the Lamoille River, in Cambridge, Vermont, has benefitted from soil that retains nutrients and makes for great-tasting beef.

In addition to grass, the cattle are fed only certified organic soybeans, and lives on bedding of straw made from those same soybeans.

Ask our meat associates to help you choose the right cut for your recipes!