Beyond Basic: Chicken

The right combination of herbs and spices can take an otherwise plain meat like chicken and elevate it into a mouthwatering and healthy dish.

Bell & Evans has been providing the highest quality, naturally-raised poultry to upscale markets on the East coast, like Brothers Marketplace, since 1890. An old fashioned, family-owned company that believes in both clean ingredients and the humane treatment of their poultry.

Their chickens are never given antibiotics or growth hormones, fed a 100% vegetarian diet and never animal by-products, bakery goods or brewery grains, and are humanely raised and compassionately handled throughout their lives. Plus, their chicken is 100% air-chilled, meaning there is no retained water and no added water, yielding a tender, more flavorful chicken.

Here are some of our favorite ways to take your healthy meals up a notch:

Create a mouthwatering meal with new and exciting flavors by experimenting with Brothers Marketplace Spices & Rubs to make Berbere Chicken with Ethiopian Lentils, Baharat Roasted Chicken, or Curried Chicken Salad.

Make your own marinade using Hot, Cranberry Apple Cider, or Riesling vinegar from American Vinegar Works.  Made, aged and bottled in Lowell, MA using craft American ciders, wines, and brews, these vinegars will transform your cooking and cocktails. Naturally fermented and never filtered, they combine traditional production methods from the 1800’s and top of the line ingredients to deliver novel complex flavors. Discover your favorite combination for marinating chicken when you try this recipe.

Or go with something more traditional and marinate boneless chicken breasts overnight in Brothers Marketplace Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our No-Salt Lemon Pepper and a blend of your favorite fresh herbs, and then toss them on the grill. Serve with sautéed kale, or on top of a mixed green salad.

Find all of the ingredients you need for these recipes at your local Brothers Marketplace. Enjoy!

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