All About Apples

Celebrate fall with all sorts of local apples. From Fuji to Arkansas Black, enjoy tried-and-true favorites and select from new varieties you haven’t tasted before.

In your lunch box, pack a tart McIntosh apple with red and green skin and tender white flesh. Take home sweet Cortlands for making applesauce and apple crisp. Snack on crisp Gala apples, or add them to your fall salads.
Find all of these varieties – and many more – in our produce departments, from Restoration Orchard in Harvard, MA. Located in the Johnny Appleseed region of Central Massachusetts, with a prime elevation for growing apples, Restoration Orchard was abandoned for 9 years and then restored over the past five years by new owners. They saved 160 trees that were entombed in thorny vines, and found 15 varieties, including some heirlooms. Over the past three years, they have planted 1,700 new apple trees, so the orchard now offers 25 varieties of apples.

Visit Brothers Marketplace to try some of these unique varieties, which you will see at various times throughout the fall:

Ginger Gold
With a pale yellow skin and crisp, creamy flesh, Ginger Gold apples are mildly sweet and tart. The flesh doesn’t tend to brown quickly, so these apples are ripe for snacking and dipping in caramel or adding to salads. They also keep their shape when cooked into tarts or pies, and their flavor balances nicely with cinnamon and brown sugar.

These thick-skinned apples are bright orange with red stripes. Their juicy flesh is tender yet firm and offers a sweet aroma with hints of spice and apricot. Bake Baldwins into dessert, such as a baked stuffed apple with mascarpone cheese.

Red Jonagold
Varying in color from greenish yellow to rosy orange depending on how much time they grow in the sun, Red Jonagolds have red spots and vertical stripes. Juicy with a creamy yellow flesh, a bite of a Jonagold balances a sweet-tart taste with aromas of honey. Feature them in an apple cake or cinnamon-apple muffins. Or slice them up for a sautéed apple side dish with rosemary scented pork chops and roasted vegetables.

Arkansas Black
A deep red to dark purple skin is a defining characteristic of the Arkansas Black apple. With golden, juicy flesh and a crisp texture, these apples become softer with time. Roast them with cubes of butternut squash, pecans, dried cranberries, vanilla extract, fresh thyme, sage and cinnamon, and serve with roast chicken. Slow cook them and puree into soups or sauces, or bake them into bread pudding.

Bright red with faint ridges of white, Empires have a cap of light green blush. Sweet like a Red Delicious and tart like a McIntosh, Empires are a great addition to chicken salad or a grilled sandwich with sharp cheddar. Pair them with warm spices, such as ginger and nutmeg.

Have questions about apples or want to try a taste?  Just ask!