A Sweet Rosh Hashanah

Celebrate fall with a seasonal combination: local apples dipped in local Brothers Marketplace Raw Honey.

This pairing is a Rosh Hashanah tradition for a sweet new year … and it’s a fun fall treat for everybody.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use the season’s bounty. Tart McIntosh apples with red and green skin and tender white flesh for the lunchbox. Sweet Cortlands for making applesauce and apple crisp. Crisp Gala apples for salads, snacking and baking. Find all of these varieties in the produce department from Restoration Orchard in Harvard, MA.

For honey, go local with our own Raw Honey harvested from second generation bee keepers on a local family-owned apiary in Pembroke, MA. Our Honey naturally contains enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that may help with seasonal allergies.

Try some raw honeys, such as delicate, white Crystal’s Natural Raw Honey from Billerica, MA or deep, rich Aunt Sue’s Raw Honey. Select from other varieties like Bees Knees, Savannah Bee Company, Golden Blossom and more!

For Rosh Hashanah, make your meals special with:

  • Our traditional brisket as the star of the plate. Or find brisket in the meat department and serve your own signature version.
  • Chopped liver, knishes & Brothers handmade latkes, ready to heat and eat from our kitchen.
  • A bounty of fall vegetables, roasted in our kitchen and abundant in our produce department.
  • Local challah from Chery Ann’s, braided, round or round with raisins.
  • Sweets for dessert, such as traditional honey cake and rugalach or a tray of scratch-baked cookies.

Spend more time celebrating and less time cooking when you order off of our catering menu. Choose from full dinners, appetizers, entrées, sides and sweets, prepared how you would make them if you had the time.