A Better Lunch From Our Deli

Our home cooked deli meats, cheeses, sandwiches, and sides make packing lunches easier for adults and kids alike.

Make your own delicious creations with fresh slices of our all-natural home cooked Brothers Marketplace turkey breast and roast beef gently seasoned and slow-roasted in the store for mouthwatering flavor. And natural, antibiotic-free ham and turkey from McKenzie Country Classics in Vermont, cured with maple wood smoke and pure Vermont maple syrup.

Add crisp, clean flavor with a layer of our smooth Organic American Cheese or bold, rich flavor with our Ultra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Made in Wisconsin exclusively for Brothers Marketplace our cheese is Kosher, Certified Non-GMO, and Gluten Free.

With fresh bread and croissants being delivered daily from Iggy’s, there are endless options for sandwich creations. Here are a few fun suggestions that go beyond the classic combinations:

  • For flavors of fall try home cooked turkey with slices of fresh apple and brie on your favorite bread.
  • Add a touch of sweetness to your sandwich with our home cooked turkey, McKenzie Oven Roasted Ham and a drizzle of Brothers Marketplace honey layered on a fresh, soft croissant.
  • Enjoy an Iggy’s focaccia roll with Brothers Marketplace Roast Beef and a slice of our ultra sharp cheddar joined by a scoop of our own homemade coleslaw.
  • Dive into something comforting with our own pulled pork, Brothers Marketplace ultra sharp cheddar, and coleslaw.
  • Try an Iggy’s ciabatta roll with a smear of Brothers Marketplace Spinach, Carrot & Herb dip and our home cooked turkey.
  • Indulge in Brothers Marketplace Roast Beef and our own Brothers Marketplace Blue Cheese & Cheddar dip spread onto a focaccia roll.

Or choose from a selection of seasonal sandwiches, prepared how you would make them if you had the time:

  • The Pilgrim – thinly sliced, hand cut turkey, stuffing made in our kitchen, and cranberry mayo on marble rye.
  • The Big Bird – Havarti, coleslaw, fresh roasted turkey & Thousand Island on a baguette.
  • The Vitale – Invented by Roche Bros. Meat Director Frank Vitale; sliced eggplant, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions, spinach & marinara on ciabatta.
  • And more!

Pair any sandwich with our deli’s coleslaw or homemade potato salad to round out your meal.

We’re your neighborhood deli here to help. Visit us to select the ingredients you’ll need for your own masterful creations!

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